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Local Listing Management

Keep your business information synced across 50+ online directories.

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Local Listing Management

We understand the challenge of managing business information on various platforms, from Google My Business and Apple Maps to Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Omevi simplifies this process by synchronizing your business details seamlessly, ensuring that your information remains up-to-date across the digital landscape.

Our service extends to the most influential platforms (70+ directories) where potential customers search for businesses, maximizing your visibility. From major players like Google My Business and Apple Maps to niche directories, we ensure that your business information is strategically placed, making it easily accessible to your target audience.

Managing accounts on multiple directories can be a time-consuming task, often requiring individual attention to each platform. Omevi’s Local Listing Management service eliminates this overhead by providing an efficient and centralized solution. We handle the synchronization of your business information across directories, allowing you to manage your online presence seamlessly from a single point.

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Map Rank Tracker

With a user-friendly interface, the setup is straightforward – input your business location, specify the number of map pins or map grid, and define the search queries or keywords relevant to your business. Our tracker then diligently works behind the scenes to fetch real-time data on your business rankings for each map pin, providing you with a detailed and accurate snapshot of your position on Google Maps.

Omevi’s Map Rank Tracker is designed for instant visibility without a complex setup. Our intuitive system generates comprehensive heatmap reports that visualize your business rankings across specified map pins. With Map Rank Tracker, gain immediate insights into your Google Maps performance.

Map Rank Tracker by Omevi delivers heatmap reports that provide a visual representation of your business rankings, offering nuanced insights for strategic analysis. Whether you’re focused on a specific location or expanding your reach, our heatmap reports offer actionable insights into the effectiveness of your local SEO efforts.

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